Africa Amini Alama is a registered non-profit association in Austria, with a branch office in Germany and a registered charity in Tanzania.


It was founded as a private initiative in 2009 by the Austrian Dr. Jur. Dr. Med. Christine Wallner and has been maintained throughout the years with the support of her daughter Dr. Cornelia Wallner-Friesee. Since its inception, Africa Amini Alama has launched a range of projects dedicated to health care, education, social care, tourism, and agriculture. Each single project is carried out on-site by a local team and supervised by Africa Amini Alama on a long-term basis.  As of today, each project is financed by sponsorships and partnerships, as well as governmental aid. We are as well working to build sustainable tourism, thereby being able to create incomes made through tourism lodge rentals (Maasai Lodge, Hillside Retreat, Guest Houses, Hotelini).


In this context, the aim of Africa Amini Alama is to help to bridge the way to self-help, to provide stability and security, while promoting cultural togetherness and strengthening the foundation of future developments in the region. The literal translation of "Africa Amini Alama" means "Africa, symbol of trust". This trust in Africa is at the very heart of Africa Amini Alama's endeavors. In fact, Africa Amini Alama's emblematic tree logo makes a nod to the fig tree that is deeply rooted in Momella, the NGO's center.  ''The fig tree is a symbol that reflects our philosophy,'' stated Dr. Cornelia Wallner-Friesee. ''The roots stand for Momella's community, the log is our backbone, and the many leaves represent our ever-growing projects."

Take part in the Africa Amini Alama project and experience Africa not only as the cradle of humanity as humankind, but also as humanity in the sense of compassion. Get yourself a picture of our educational and social projects as well as medical support programs. Join us in our daily work and experience Africa off the beaten path.


More information:

Bank account: IBAN: AT14 1200 0518 4603 1508 BIC: BKAUATWW (VZR-No: 517623687)