Healing & Recovery

The quest for wholeness and insight is made easier in this particular atmosphere rather than in our everyday environment. Healing methods from different cultures will assist you in this process. Discover your own insight and healing in the hands of our medical team. More information under www.aerztinnenteam.at


Longer stays enable you do immerse deeply in the culture and to experience intensely a life of African tranquillity. We offer special conditions for longer stays during low season. Take your time to truly experience Africa. This "deceleration" may work miracles for you! We would be very thankful if you contributed some of your experience of life and give an impulse to our projects.

Enjoying Holidays
Relaxing at the Maasai Lodge
Rocket heatet view chamber
Relaxing at the Maasai Lodge


With a little help of techniques especially developed for crisis intervention, we support you in regaining your physical and mental strength. Healing is not a matter of time but of the right moment, of opening yourself to a force field and of the willingness to face old patterns. In the African ambience, the healing process can be lasting and profound, also because of our professional support.


Mental processes are stimulated through the special force field of the project. Methods of natural healing and working in the subconscious (systemic family therapy) enable you to experience your mental processes quickly and effectively. Seize the opportunity of your stay to acknowledge the place as something unique, to experience Africa and to benefit from new impulses for your very own path of life. More information on our doctors can be found at www.aerztinnenteam.at (German only).

Discover your inner self
Selfdicovery - treatment

New Paths

In African cultures, the beginning of a new stage of someone's life is often celebrated in the form of rituals. An old tradition providing the people with stability and power. Make your entire stay a ritual, as a motivation for really achieving your new aim in life. Gain strength through Africa's soil in order to unearth those visions you have been carrying consciously or unconsciously. The traditional rituals of the Meru or Maasai will help you to let go and start life anew.

New Paths
The Power of Africas earth