Through our various social projects we have special access to the traditions of the Maasai and Meru culture. Be a guest of one of the local families. Experience their festivals and dances, not as a tourist, but as a welcome friend. In just a short time you will dive into cultures that remain inaccessible to the normal tourism: A chance to experience the real Tanzania and experience.

Maasai & Meru

Participate in the authentic life of these two people who still live in harmony with nature. On the one hand you find the culture of the Meru, whose lifestyle is dominated by old arable farming. On the other are the Maasai living a nomadic life. A lifestyle known for its modesty and simplicity, a very rare thing to find nowadays. We introduce you to some families and their traditional ways of life. This way, you will gain insight into the family and everyday lives of the inhabitants. One of our guides will accompany you. They will also help you overcome the language barrier. At the end of the day you may find yourself having a lunch or dinner with your hosts, eating a meal you helped preparing.

Maasai woman
Maasai youngsters
Friendly Maasai warriors
Proud about their handcraft


Attending a typical Meru or Maasai wedding, an initiation rite or other ritual ceremonies can be the highlight of your Africa holidays. Our involvement in various projects that helped a great amount of people has led to a close and friendly relationship between Africa Amini Alama and the locals. And of course, we also enjoy celebrating together. We cordially invite you to attend these festivals. We will provide you with traditional clothes so that you fit in with the colorful local community. Whether it's the red shade of your Maasai Shuka or a very colorful Kanga: You will find yourself in another world at least for a couple of hours.

Festival - Maasai choir
Maasai choir
Maasai singing
Maasai choir

Maasai and Meru dances

Should you plan on celebrating your birthday or wedding day in Tanzania, you can make it an unforgettable experience: Invite your local neighbors and celebrate together a festival of different cultures. Preparation of a goat, sharing of a meal and the joy of living expressed in traditional dances: this is a day you will never forget. Traditional and customary practices like special dances and singing belong to every social event.

Maasai dance
Maasai dance
Maasai dance
Meru dance

Traditional Healing

We will accompany and support you with the help of various methods of natural healing from different cultures:


  • Scenar therapy, laser therapy and vital field therapy
  • Acupuncture and neural therapy
  • Orthomolecular medicine and therapy proposals for at-home
  • African healing traditions on herbal basis
  • Homeopathic complex remedies
The doctors team
Traditional Healing
Traditional Healing - Green powder


Join our lodge manager and beekeeper guide Franko who will introduce you to the African beekeeping. Visit Momella, Ngabobo and Tinga Tinga and learn more about the typical local beehives such as the Kenyan top-bar hive or the log hive. This way, you will gain an insight into the traditional local beekeeping and how it is combined with modern know-how. Frank will also show you a rare species of non-stinging bees and explain to you how beekeeping supports local farmers and helps the environment. Enjoy a genuine natural picnic in the shade of acacia trees and the romance of a sunset with a view of Mount Meru. Walk along the paths of local beekeepers on Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro and discover how over generations bees have been kept.

Fresh Honey